Backup procedures

What is it?

Our service doesn't know anything about actual importance of information you've placed on your site. So, KEEP the most important things YOURSELF, on your own disks!

Every day near 04:00, after statistic info collection, daily backup copy of server content is updated.

If content has not been changed from previous Backup procedure moment, new archive is not created. Old file is kept as 'newest backup'.

Additionally, date check is performed. If 'weekly backup' has been created earlier than week ago - it becomes 'monthly backup', and yesterday copy becomes 'weekly backup'.

So, if your site is renewed every day, we keep three DIFFERENT copies of it. Daily, weekly and monthly.

If your site is updated one time per month, or more rare, we keep 3 copies of days, when it was really changed.

If you want to restore content from backup copy

You may need to restore your site content (and/or MySQL database of it) from our backup copy. Call our support (better via E-Mail).

If you leave us

If your content goes away from our server. We keep (but NOT guarantee it!) backup of it for at least one month. We allow you to download it on your demand.

We keep backups continually from 2001 year. Some our clients were very pleased with this fact.

We have kept copies of


Our backup system doesn't cost you any additional money.

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