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Stock Selection and investment process

Country investment theme examples:

  • Brazil
  • Korea
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia

Sector / Area investment theme examples:

  • Mobile computing devices
  • Telecommunications / telecom equipment
  • Iron ore

Valuation-driven investment theme examples:

  • High free cash flow yield
  • High cash position / low price-based multiples
  • High R&D / MCap ratio
  • High FCF yield / high ROA combo
  • Real undervaluation blurred by accounting

Investment process:

  • Start with various investment themes
  • Idea – could be perceived distortion in the market or an upcoming change in expectations
  • Develop criteria for potential investments
  • Screening
  • Fundamental research of promising companies
  • Building full-scale proprietary financial model
  • Identifying expected return and setting fair value targets
  • Analyzing relationship with other assets in the portfolio and deciding on the optimal portfolio weighting
  • Decision to invest
  • Monitoring investment performance and news flow
  • Adjusting the investment strategy if and as necessary
  • Realizing return