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Key Parameters

The Fund will seek to spread investment risk. The Fund will not (measured at the time of investment):

  • Invest more than 20% of its gross assets in the securities of any one issuer.

  • Invest more than 50% of its gross assets in the securities of any one country or industry.

  • Acquire more than 15% of the outstanding equity or debt securities of any one issuer.

  • Expose more than 20% of its gross assets to the creditworthiness or solvency of any counterparty, other than in respect of its exposure to the Prime Broker.

  • Invest directly in land and real estate, but may make investment in companies investing in land and real estate.

  • Take legal or management control of any issuer in which it invests or seek representation on the board of directors.

  • Fund incorporated on Cayman Islands and employs first class prime bankers, administrators, auditors and legal advisors

  • Minimal investment of $50,000 ($250,000 for U.S. persons) 
  • Management fee of 1/5% per annum payable monthly

  • Performance fee of 20%, subject to individual high watermark rule
  • Subscriptions and redemptions can be made on a monthly basis on each Dealing day (Dealing day is the first business day of each month)
  • Subscriptions may be made with 3 Business Days' prior written notice
  • Redemptions may be made upon 30 days' prior written notice 
  • Early redemption fee of 5% (retained by the Fund) on withdrawals within first 18 months